The biggest peninsula and westernmost region of Croatia, Istria has all the attributes of a prime MICE destination. Bearing the traces of many cultures and civilizations that thrived here from prehistoric times onwards, Istria radiates an inimitable character and flair.
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MICE in Istria, all year round


Istria takes pride in its preserved and beautiful nature that everyone can enjoy. Besides National Park Brijuni, the peninsula has 35 natural reserves. Its bike and hike paths, forest, rivers, waterfalls, caves, hills, mountains, cliffs, and beaches offer endless potential for both indulging and adrenaline-infused incentives, as well as various special travel programs all year round.

A feast for the eyes, a feast for the palate


A distinct regional cuisine promoted Istria into gourmand heaven. Known around the world for its top-class truffles, wine, and olive oil, Istrian cuisine is a peculiar blend of coastal and inland menus that offer unforgettable gourmet escapes. Small, yet big when it comes to the experiences it offers, this peninsula is sometimes described as the blend of worlds. Lush inland forests and valleys are dotted with medieval citadels and quaint villages. The beautiful seashore is adorned with colorful historic towns overlooking the Adriatic expanse. Besides the modern traffic network, Istria boasts another one that is more suited to exploration and enjoyment. Countless kilometers of scenic wine and olive roads connect local producers that include small farms and world-renowned vineries alike. Treasuring many gastronomic delights, historic sites, and natural beauties, the winding roads of Istria are adventures in themselves, a feast for the eyes as much as they are a feast for the palate.

Spicy Events - Istria MICE destination

Host your tailor-made MICE event in Istria, a land of plenty


Pula is the largest center of Istria, a seafront city with ancient and rich history, including the world’s sixth-biggest preserved Roman amphitheater. Popularly called Arena, this venue regularly hosts large-scale international events, including concerts by some of the biggest names in the global entertainment industry. In Istria, the plethora of attractive MICE destinations is seamlessly paired with its many natural and gastronomical wonders, giving rise to unforgettable experiences.

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Other destinations in Croatia


A prestigious world travel destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik holds all the MICE aces: iconic architecture, astounding history, spectacular views, sensational atmosphere, top-class hotels offering impeccable services, and state-of-the-art congress facilities.


A major hub on the Croatian coast, Spit is a thriving, vibrant Mediterranean city that lives the entire year around. A great blend of antiquities and modernity, Split boasts a lively festival and bar scene, along with many restaurants that serve sustainable local specialties.


A blend of rich cultural heritage and magnificent nature make Hvar the perfect Croatian location for your unique event. Every inch of the sun-drenched Island of Hvar is inviting, ready to provide its one-of-a-kind ambiance and context to your special MICE experience.


The administrative and financial center of Croatia, the youngest member of the EU family, Zagreb has all the MICE infrastructure of a major European city. The city’s world-class hotels, including those from the global hotel chains, guarantee a top-notch execution of any meeting, conference, incentive, or exhibition.

National Parks

As much s 9% of Croatian territory is covered by protected areas that include eight stunning national parks. The spectacular nature and varied content of Croatian national parks provide wonderfully diverse playgrounds for your tailor-made incentive or a special program of any kind.