National Parks

As much s 9% of Croatian territory is covered by protected areas that include eight stunning national parks. The spectacular nature and varied content of Croatian national parks provide wonderfully diverse playgrounds for your tailor-made incentive or a special program of any kind.


Of eight Croatian national parks, five are situated along the Adriatic coast. Right in the center of Dalmatia lay 89 islands, islets, and reefs that make up Kornati National Park, which is accessible only by boat.  Wild, untamed, with hard-to-beat vistas, and as much as 330 km of drystone walls, Kornati islands are a true sailing paradise, where it’s hard to pick up the most translucent bay or the best sea vista.

The lush Mediterranean forest of Mljet Island defies its rocky ground, justifying its nickname Green Pearl of Adriatic. With its historic heritage, two salty lakes, and many biking and hiking paths, Mljet is pure indulgence. The miraculous karst phenomena of seven waterfalls in Krka National Park offer a most welcome refreshment after visiting the park’s sites, some of which date from antiquity.  The northern Adriatic gem, Brijuni National Park, has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Along with its exotic safari park and well-preserved Roman buildings, Brijuni offers an unforgettable background for your one-of-a-kind and fun incentive or a special program.  

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The oldest and largest national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979. Iconic and unforgettable, Plitvice Lakes are one of a kind in the entire world. A series of 16 lakes connected by amazing waterfalls and rivers, laced with beautiful paths and bridges, provide an irresistible stage for your tailor-made incentive. The impressive 2000 sq m Mt. Velebit is home to two Croatian national parks, Paklenica and Northern Velbert, whose natural biodiversity, great lookouts, and scenic hiking paths brim with potential for an exciting and adventurous program.

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Other destinations in Croatia


A prestigious world travel destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik holds all the MICE aces: iconic architecture, astounding history, spectacular views, sensational atmosphere, top-class hotels offering impeccable services, and state-of-the-art congress facilities.


A major hub on the Croatian coast, Spit is a thriving, vibrant Mediterranean city that lives the entire year around. A great blend of antiquities and modernity, Split boasts a lively festival and bar scene, along with many restaurants that serve sustainable local specialties.


A blend of rich cultural heritage and magnificent nature make Hvar the perfect Croatian location for your unique event. Every inch of the sun-drenched Island of Hvar is inviting, ready to provide its one-of-a-kind ambiance and context to your special MICE experience.


The administrative and financial center of Croatia, the youngest member of the EU family, Zagreb has all the MICE infrastructure of a major European city. The city’s world-class hotels, including those from the global hotel chains, guarantee a top-notch execution of any meeting, conference, incentive, or exhibition.

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Istria takes pride in its preserved and beautiful nature that everyone can enjoy. Besides National Park Brijuni, the peninsula has 35 natural reserves. Its bike and hike paths, forest, rivers, waterfalls, caves, hills, mountains, cliffs, and beaches offer endless potential for both indulging and adrenaline-infused incentives, as well as various special travel programs all year round.