The capital and the largest city in Croatia, Zagreb is a vibrant European city, with an unmistakable urban rhythm and abundance of contents.

The administrative and financial center of Croatia, the youngest member of the EU family, Zagreb has all the MICE infrastructure of a major European city. The city’s world-class hotels, including those from the global hotel chains, guarantee a top-notch execution of any meeting, conference, incentive, or exhibition.

Miteleuropean charm and more for MICE events all year round


Easy to navigate and definitely strollable, Zagreb is packed with historic sights such as cathedrals, churches, baroque palaces, and old Upper Town palaces. Laced with the nation’s best museums, art galleries, concert halls, and theaters, Zagreb is also well known for its lively gastronomy scene that encompasses everything from world cuisine to sustainable local specialists from all around Croatia.

Besides being home to many institutions of national importance, Zagreb has a peculiar creative streak, best exemplified in its Museum of Illusion or the famous Museum of Broken Relationships, both of which never cease to amaze visitors. Apart from the architecture, the Mitteleuropean heart of this city is probably most obvious in its Advent Festival which won the award for the best Christmas Market in Europe several years in a row.

Like any other European capital, Zagreb lives around the clock. The city nights offer some great bar crawl and clubbing itineraries. Daylight is the time for infectiously relaxing coffee culture and mingling at picturesque green markets in the city center.  The modern venues and the general urban rhythm of Zagreb allow endless possibilities for crafting your unique MICE event.

Hidden Zagreb for your fabulous incentive


Aside from the good traffic connections that can take you to any other part of Croatia in no time, Zagreb itself is a great place for a once-in-a-lifetime incentive. This city has many exciting stories, lots of them hidden. With the right blend of mystery and history, Zagreb always has an ace up its sleeve, providing a memorable context and basis for your unique incentive.

Other destinations in Croatia


A prestigious world travel destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik holds all the MICE aces: iconic architecture, astounding history, spectacular views, sensational atmosphere, top-class hotels offering impeccable services, and state-of-the-art congress facilities.


A major hub on the Croatian coast, Spit is a thriving, vibrant Mediterranean city that lives the entire year around. A great blend of antiquities and modernity, Split boasts a lively festival and bar scene, along with many restaurants that serve sustainable local specialties.


A blend of rich cultural heritage and magnificent nature make Hvar the perfect Croatian location for your unique event. Every inch of the sun-drenched Island of Hvar is inviting, ready to provide its one-of-a-kind ambiance and context to your special MICE experience.

Spicy Events - Istria MICE destination


Istria takes pride in its preserved and beautiful nature that everyone can enjoy. Besides National Park Brijuni, the peninsula has 35 natural reserves. Its bike and hike paths, forest, rivers, waterfalls, caves, hills, mountains, cliffs, and beaches offer endless potential for both indulging and adrenaline-infused incentives, as well as various special travel programs all year round.

National Parks

As much s 9% of Croatian territory is covered by protected areas that include eight stunning national parks. The spectacular nature and varied content of Croatian national parks provide wonderfully diverse playgrounds for your tailor-made incentive or a special program of any kind.